Content Management System

Our control panel puts you in control of your website

Allowing you to manage your online presence, day or night.


Website access

Save time and money using our CMS

Our control panel is included on our silver and gold website packages as standard, but those on our bronze package can choose this as an add-on to avoid paying update charges as and when they need them. This one-time fee allows you to log in anytime, day or night, and make changes yourself.

Built with security and ease of use in mind…

Our control panel was built by us and is only available to our clients. Having such control makes for a simplified approach to managing a website, with all the features you would expect and none of the confusion.

What is a content management system?

A CMS or Content Management System, is a piece of software which we build into your website to allow you to safely and securely access and make changes to your content. We build each CMS specific to your website, and follow all modern security standards to ensure complete security from online threats.

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What can I do with a Content Management System?

Our CMS offers many vital features which are useful to website owners. Some of which are as follows;

  • Make Changes to Content
  • Add Photos/Videos
  • Make Links to Other Websites
  • Add New Pages (Depending On Package)
  • Update Contact Information
  • Manage Gallery Images
  • Plus Much More

New Worlds Bespoke CMS platform is built with simplicity in mind. This means no coding knowledge is needed to make changes to your website. It is most similar to programs such as Microsoft Word, meaning you simply click the area which you wish to edit and can begin typing, all while seeing the changes occur live within the web browser.

Take control of your website, with our feature rich CMS

Make edits as and when you need, for a small one time fee and save £££’s on update costs.

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Features and benefits

Edit, add or remove pages

Looking to promote a new product or service through your website? You can do so quickly and easily and at a time that suits you. Our control panel is designed to be as simple as efficient to use as possible meaning even a computer novice can get the hang of it in no time at all!

Make your website truly yours

By updating company contact information, and branding material and adding additional products and service, you can change what you want, when you want with New Worlds CMS.

We can create custom packages tailored to your exact needs. Contact us for pricing.

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